Intruder / Burglar Alarm Systems

Central Monitoring Station and its functionality

  • Nowadays, security has become an integral part of the functioning of institutions and organizations with a variety of activities, including enterprises with private property. Requirements to the level of security constantly grow, which obviously determines the need for extensive use of automation equipment, integrating the organizational and technical resources to address these problems. The monitoring of facilities using the remote central monitoring station is an important part of ensuring the security of protected facilities.


Our security systems are connected with a fully functional 24 X 7 monitoring station. The company has secured state of the art solution from USA where the development of the said technology of which the hardware based done in Ukraine and the software development carried out in Silicon Valley of USA. The live monitoring station is also backed by 24 X 7 help support from USA, Ukraine and Hongkong.

Each and every installation which is connected to the Central Monitoring station of Penta will be checked in every 5 minutes interval. Any service and maintenance will be attended by our 24 X 7 inhouse technical staff. The product is equipped with its Central Monitoring station where real time event logs and back up are maintained.

The burglar alarm panel itself is independent of any client networks and runs solely on GPRS communication via SIM connections with two SIMs for redundancy. The panel is capable of identifying burglar, smoke, gas and also to capture necessary images from the connected CCTV which can be sent to the users in real time basis.

In an event of alarm trigger, panic status, fire trigger etc. the Central monitoring station will get the signal within fraction of seconds along with necessary snap shots of the event. Also snap shots will be taken based on the control parameters set and will be emailed to the users on real time basis. Monitoring officers will keep contacting the relevant authorities any time.

Nearest police station will be notified, and log report can be printed. The monitoring Station can log to the panel remotely and make necessary changes as requested by the client in real time basis instantly.

Since all events are centrally stored in the Central Monitoring station even in an event where the panel is removed or destroyed all events along with snap shots are backed up at the Central Monitoring station along with copies to client. Apart from the normal Burglar and smoke detection we can further program the panel to administration purposes like security guard administration.

Help and support

A system is only as good as the support behind it. We have been providing security solutions for the past two decades. You can trust our service and experience.

Types of burglar alarm systems

Based on the technology, Alarms can be categorized as below.
  1. 1. Wired Burglar Alarms-  These are standard home alarm systems and comes with sensors and a control panel, but they’re all connected with wires.
  2. 2. Wireless Burglar Alarms – These are battery-powered and have sensors that communicate with a central control panel via radio signals.
  3. 3. Hybrid Burglar Alarms- Combination of wired and wireless alarms.
  5. Based on the response, Alarms can be categorized as below.
    • 1. Audible (Sound Only) Burglar Alarms.- These are non-monitored alarms and when the system is activated by an intruder, it will trigger sounders that are mounted inside and on the external walls of the building.
    • 2. Remotely Monitored Burglar Alarms – In these type of alarms, when the alarm goes off, someone from the central monitoring station usually calls your home for a password and to check everything is okay. If they don’t get the right password, or the phone isn’t picked up, the company notifies a nominated key holder or the police.
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