Frequently Ask Questions

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    • Why should I install an alarm system in my home or business?
      Research has shown that installing an alarm or security system in your home or business significantly decreases the chances of being burgled. Burglars look for places without alarm systems as they are easier to access and there is less chance of been caught.
    • If the power or phone line is cut will my security system still work?
      Yes! There is battery back up in the case that your power is out or cut. We also offer wireless options that don’t rely on phone lines.
    • What happens if my alarm is triggered?
      The siren of your alarm system will trigger with laud noises while sending the alarm signal to our monitoring station. Our team will then call back the owner and the nominated personal, if it’s not a false alarm w will contact the police/Ambulance service if its an medical emergency or call the fire department if it’s a fire.
  • Will installing a home or business alarm reduce my insurance premium?
    Most insurance companies will apply a discount to your premium if you have a monitored alarm system installed. The premiums you pay vary with different insurers and they take into account your location, coverage of the system and previous claims.
    • Alarm systems are expensive and complicated to install. Can I afford an alarm system?
      Good alarm systems are less expensive than you think. The feeling of safety is priceless.
    • What are the benefits of wired alarm systems?
      The safest way to transmit the signal is via wire. But one must expect high costs for installation. On the other hand, there are very favourably-priced components for wired alarm systems.
    • What are the main benefits of wired alarms and wireless alarms?
      Wired alarms
      • Exclusive transmission path
      • Suitable for large objects (factories etc.)
      • Very economical (investment protection)
      • Low maintenance costs

      Wireless alarm
      • Very flexible
      • Easy installation
      • No rebuilding measures
      • Upgradeable at any time
  • I already have good mechanical protection. Do I still need an alarm system?
    Mechanical security devices such as door locks and bolts can be optimally supplemented by electronic alarm systems. Alarm systems deter potential offenders and ensure that residents, neighbours or a monitoring station are alarmed in good time.